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Ignite children's imaginations with our unforgettable workshops,

where they learn how to create their own animations!

"Behind the Scenes" video!

This video showcases various parts of our fun and exciting animation workshops!

Scroll down to watch the animation that the children created during this workshop!

white AfroSheep
white AfroSheep
white AfroSheep
Sheep 1a.png
Sheep 6a.png

Choose the Sheep that’s right for ewe
and learn how to create animation!

afrolamb circle_1.png


2½ hours

Learn about the world of animation!

From creating Flipbooks to Clay Models.

Get creative with our animation workshops!

Which session is for ewe?!


£ 395

afrosheep circle_1.png


5 hours

Try a bit of everything!

Enjoy a fun day creating Flipbooks, sculpting Clay Models, designing Characters, stop motion exercises and Storyboarding!

£ 595

Do ewe need a tailored workshop?

We can make it happen!

Check out what we did with Trerobart School below.

Sheep 6a.png
Sheep 3a.png
Road Safety Animation

Road Safety Animation

Watch Now
Sheep 6a.png
Sheep 1a.png
Sheep 2a.png


This Road Safety Animatio