Welcome to the wacky world of  5-a-side fruit and veg football!

The only sport in the world that brings you your 5-a-day!

Promoting healthy eating and fitness through fun animated Super Star VEGBALL players!

Meet Your Host!
Spuddy Vinegar and his brainless VEGBALL punnets, the miserable Eggy Sheller and the pompous Gobby Cabbage!

In Match Action! 
Tomatinho's first appearance for Fruit Salad United goes TERRIBLY WRONG! And anyway... should a tomato really be in a fruit salad?!

Juicy Skills! 
Tomatinho can't stop showing off!
He makes Ronaldo look like a mouldy pile of compost!

Spuddy Vinegar voiced by the amazing Drew Campbell!


Five teams battle it out to become Champions of the kitchen and win the Golden EGG CUP!
Each episode will see two teams play a juicy game of VEGBALL!

Fruit Salad United

Garden Greens Organic

Root Veg Roasters

Real Vegetation

Mamba Mangoes

Alan Parsnip

Potato Spooney

Rachel Yamkee

Andy Carrot

Potato Carbos

David Swedeman

José Mango



Squeezio Apearo

David Bananaham

David De Watermelon

The Pepperee

The Pepperee is in charge of the match and changes colour depending on his decision!

Which can sometimes be a bit suspicious!

Suddy Vinegar - Vegball
Egg Cup Seat - Vegball
Gobby Cabbage - Vegball
Egg Cup Seat - Vegball


The grumpy Eggy Sheller ​is giving his brainless post-match analysis!

Spuddy Vinegar

Eggy Sheller

Gobby Cabbage

Clapper Board
Clapper Board
Clapper Board

Where did VEGBALL come from...?

The idea for VEGBALL started in university when Jacob came up with his 3rd-year animation project 'The Seasoned Felony' in 2015.
A match of VEGBALL was played and watched by the Tomafia who had a bet on it!

We could even say that it goes as far back as starting with "A Jar's Life" in 2011, which is where the idea for "The Seasoned Felony" came from!

Since then we have changed the look and style of VEGBALL but always kept the initial idea and feel.. FRUIT AND VEGETABLES PLAYING FOOTBALL AND BEING VERY SILLY!

Have a look at the various animations we have talked about previously to see where it all came from!