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Split the Difference LOGO

Split the Difference is an organisation created to raise awareness on the inequality for men and boys within United Nations member states and encourage consultation, guidance and policy that supports their needs equally to women and girls.

We have produced a series of videos that highlight some of the common areas they cover, such as Parent Alienation, High Suicide rate among men & boys, Education and much more.


Tower Bridge - London March 2020

Parent Alienation

Gender Bias Laws


U.N Minister for Men



Gathering of Statistics


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London March 2020

Split the Difference - Star Wars MEME.jpg

Parent Alienation Meme

1. Gender Bias MEME.jpg

Gender Bias Laws Meme

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Christmas Meme

Minister for Men MEME.jpg

U.N Minister for Men Meme

Perspective MEME.jpg

Perspective Meme

Education MEME.jpg

Education Meme

Statistic Gathering MEME.jpg

Gathering of Statistics Meme

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