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Meet the Flock!

Animator  Director

Meet Lauren, co-founder of AfroSheep, who was born and brought up in East Africa!

Lauren loves animals and learning languages, she did most of her education in French.

Lauren graduated from the University of South Wales, Newport with a degree in Photographic Art, before starting the AfroSheep journey!

Animator  Director

Meet Jacob, animation specialist and co-founder of AfroSheep, who hails from the depths of West Wales!

His favourite things to do, when he's not animating, are eating cakes and watching football!

Jacob graduated from the University of South Wales, Newport with a degree in Animation Studies, before embarking on the AfroSheep journey!

We currently work with a number of freelancers and are always interested in meeting new ones!


The AfroSheep flock is growing so if you're interested in becoming a part of the team get in touch at


We would love to hear from ewe!

Daphne .jpeg
DAPHNE name.png
Director of Cuddles.png

Meet Daphne, who will smother you with cuddles and kisses whether you like it or not!

Blondie 2.jpeg
BLONDIE name.png
Head of Security.png

Meet Blondie, Daphne's sister!

Nothing gets passed Blondie; she may be small don't let that fool you!

PENNY name.png
Chief Biscuit Officer.png

Meet Penny, Blondie and Daphne's mum!

Penny is top dog and has been with us since university! 

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