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Hot Topex

Hot Topex produces media content and entertainment shows that focus on people and events that influence society. 

What's buzzing around the world, creating trends, music, gaming, sport, fashion, politics and more, sharing with you what you have a thirst for and what you need to know.

Hot Topex looks at what's trying to move around under the radar, those things that need to be brought out for public viewing and discussed.  

Hot Topex is into truth, not sensationalism, and would rather publish late than publish without knowing its facts.

Add into all this, a swap from being PC to being real, warm, respectful, accepting, tolerant, kind and having the courage to have those challenging conversations.

Intro Sequence

The producer for Hot Topex wanted animation to play a bit part in the show and was keen to have an animated intro sequence, that would set the tone of the show.

Outro Sequence

To cap off the show, we produced an animated outro sequence. Featuring the Wall of Fame from the intro sequence and a few extras to spice things up a bit!

Making Of

The producer wanted to create a making-of video to document the beginning of Hot Topex and what goes on behind the scenes of a new

online news and entertainment shows.

Interview #1

Hosts, Mo Jannah and Niamh Colclough interviewed each other to talk about what the show would entail and promote it in a fun and different way.

Interview #2

Interview #2 is an additional promo video for Hot Topex.

In Show Graphics

We were asked to create a set of cut-away animated graphics featuring the presenters of Hot Topex.

The graphics help break up the show and introduce the various sections, like "Serious News".

The producer also wanted to use the graphics in a comedic way, for example, when an awkward moment arises they would cut to the "Tumbleweed" animation or when something sad happens they would cut to the animation of the presenters playing the violins.

Stand In Presenters

Hot Topex had four other presenters who would occasionally appear on the show. 

We were asked to produce intro animations for each of them.

Celebrity Faces!

As the show is focused on current news and pop culture, we decided to

create a set of animated celebrities that feature in the Intro, on the Wall of Fame.

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