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We craft a kaleidoscope of entertainment, from developing original TV shows and creating animation for other media companies to vibrant music videos and whimsical illustrations for children's books, all bursting with creativity and imagination.

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We produced this Intro sequence for Hot Topex, featuring Mo Jannah, along with other animations in the show.

Behind the Scenes of Hot Topex YouTube show animation.

Click on Mo's face to watch the other Hot Topex animations!

Mo Face

Music Videos

Bob Holroyd The Cage

We brought baa-rilliant Ambient musician Bob Holroyd's music to life with captivating stop motion animated music videos that blend visual artistry seamlessly with his

a-meh-zing melodic compositions.

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Tell It Your Way Logo

We bring authors' stories to life through enchanting illustrations like this personalised book we illustrated for Tell It Your Way.

...While also weaving our own imaginative tales into captivating picture books.

Hungry Hamster in A Novel Idea Bookshop
Hungry 2 - Hamster in A Novel Idea Bookshop
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