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Create an animated film about a subject of your choice!

Whether that’s Science, English, Maths, History or Geography - anything is possible with animation!


Teach children about the subjects they are learning at school and bring them to life with animation!

Children learn about the basics of animation production in a fun and engaging way, activities include: character design, storyboarding, animating, voice acting and much more!

Super Citizens together



Use animation to educate children and/or adults.


No matter your age, actively listening to a lesson or lecture can be difficult without a visual aid.


90% of the information captivated by the brain is visual!

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Bring your history to life with animation!

Bring old photographs and archives to life with animation.

Educate your visitors and immerse them in the fascinating story of the past!

Feel a part of your history and transport it into the 21st century.

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