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Educational Animation

Our captivating animations are designed to make learning a joyful and entertaining experience for children.

Dive into a world of fun-filled education as we explore different topics through engaging visuals and interactive storytelling.

according to a study by the UK Department for Education, animations have demonstrated a 35% increase in student engagement compared to traditional teaching meh-thods!

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Below are a few of examples of the different types of Educational Animation projects we produce.

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Explore the Enchanting World of the Curlew Bird in this animation we produced for the Yorkshire Dales Countryside Museum and National Park!

This animation teaches children about the remarkable story of the Curlew bird, how it is an endangered species and how to help.

Animations enhance children's comprehension of complex concepts by providing visual representations that aid their learning process (BERA, 2018).

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Super Citizens together

The ‘Super Citizens’ is a school resource for KS2 pupils. This animation is part of a 6 topic curriculum learning tool addressing the Donaldsons' "four purposes" helping young people to consider their citizenship roles and responsibilities. The Super Citizens, comes FREE for all schools in Wales, with a downloadable workbook, including tasks and challenges for the pupils to complete.

Mrs C. Name.png
Mrs C. (Shadow).png

Mrs C. (inspired by Betty Campbell) is 1 of 6 Super Citizens, who are trying to make a difference!

Check out the rest of the animations on our YouTube Channel.

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Promo Video for Educational Animations

Immerse yourself in our enchanting animations featuring Dylan the Duck, specially created for Parc Bryn Bach! Linked via QR codes attached to their stunning animal sculptures scattered throughout the park.

These bilingual animations teach children about the different creatures that live in the park in an engaging and interactive way.

Click here to watch the other animations we produced for Parc Bryn Bach!

Ani-meh-tion makes learning fun!

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