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Earth 1st Defenders

This is an ongoing NFT project in partnership with Zero Carbon Days.

It's an NFT project with a difference and a mission to reduce our carbon footprint by 142,000,000 tonnes a year!

Mint an NFT, join the community and become an Earth 1st Defender!

Smart NFTs

Our Smart NFTs are linked to your Zero Carbon Days dAPP. As you register your carbon savings, purchase carbon credits and purchase food or products from our specially selected zero-carbon products from our store your NFT will adjust broadcasting your Earth 1st Defender status across our network.

The Back Story

It's the year 3000, a platoon of Livestock Guardian Dogs live on the moon, they survived the climate catastrophe of 2035 which wiped out humans and left Earth virtually uninhabitable. This plucky pack of post-apocalyptic space pirate defenders have developed time travel and are going back in time to save humanity from themselves.

Why Dogs?

The relationship between most dogs and animals is predator-pray. A border collie chases the sheep, and the sheep run because of fear. A Guardian dog is different; it has an instinct to protect. It sees the sheep or chickens as family. The sheep don't fear it or run from it. They follow it and look to it for protection. The dogs in turn guard the animals against predation from wild animals.

4th Draft

Full Body - with and without accessories and without fluff!

G. DOG 1.jpg
G DOG 2.jpg
G. DOG 4.jpg

3rd Draft

Full Body - with and without accessories and new characters

Puppy Guardian Dog Brown
Puppy Guardian Dog Beige_edited.jpg
Puppy Guardian Dog Yellow_edited.jpg
Asset 11.jpg
Female Guardian Dog
Asset 10.jpg
Asset 9.jpg

2nd Draft

with and without accessories and backgrounds

Dog Blue.jpg
Dog Red.jpg
Dog + Antlers.jpg
Dog + Rings.jpg
Dog TriColour.jpg
Dog Beige.jpg
Dog Brown.jpg

1st Draft

Draft 4.jpg
Draft 3.jpg
Earth 1st Guardian Dogs NFTs - Draft 1 - AfroSheep.jpg
Earth 1st Guardian Dogs NFTs - Draft 1 - AfroSheep 2.jpg
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