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AfroSheep Explainer Video Services



Explain your services or products quickly and clearly to convert more clients and increase sales!

Deliver your marketing message more effectively because it entertains at the same time.

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Show off your products or services and make clients feel like they need what you offer!


Using short commercials in product descriptions can increase sales by 40%.

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Web & Logo Animation

Bring your website or logo to life!

 Keep visitors on your site for longer so your bounce rate is lower.

Increase the level of interest in your site and encourage more shares and revisits.

Use an animated Logo signature and impress prospective clients!

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Sheep 1a.png
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Webinar Screenshot edit.jpg


Webinars are a great way to attract new eyes, generate new leads, and ultimately convert new customers, all whilst keeping them engaged.

Communicate with hundreds of people from anywhere in the World!

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It is easier to explain something in an image than in words.

You can use GIFs for an array of things, such as eye-catching email marketing, step-by-step how-tos, 'following along' processes, platform content, client Christmas cards, telling a story and much more.

Bespoke Screenshot.png


Do ewe have a particular project in mind that needs special attention?

We can bring your imagination to life with our animation!

Remember, the only limitation to animation is your imagination!

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