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Animated Wildlife

Want to spice up your educational tourist attraction?

Head over to our Animated Histories page to see how we engage your audience with QR codes!


On-site animations unveil captivating narratives and hidden treasures, letting visitors uncover layers of intrigue that make each stop a fascinating adventure!

info board example mock up
Rhi Rabbit Sculpture

Rhi the Rabbit

Kynan Kingfisher Sculpture

Kynan the Kingfisher

Fun Fact!

90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual!

Bedwellty MAP English QR Code
hand pointing

Scan the QR codes to

watch the animations!

hand pointing_edited.png
Rhi the Rabbit ENGLISH QR Code
Largest Block of Coal QR code
Kynan the Kingfisher ENGLISH QR Code

We can host your videos on our YouTube Channels!

Animated Histories LOGO animated
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